The Real Blues Festival Of Orange County September 13

Come on out and join us at the Real Blues Festival Of Orange County at Malone’s in Santa Ana on September 13.


  1. Greg Gonzales says:

    What time do you go on? It would be an honor to see and meet you. I have to drop my wife and daughter off at a baby shower.

  2. Aussie Billy says:

    Well, looks like it’ll be a hell-bender of an event… the onlyest thing stopping me from attending is the cost of airfare from Queensland. Guess I’ll have to pass on it. Would like to be there to hear these players, especially you, Griff.

  3. Gary says:

    Orange county Orlando, Florida I love to come watch you play. But of course you from California probably Orange county LA.

  4. Guitar Mark says:

    I sure wish I could be there. Any way you can get a DVD recording available for your “Fans”…Like Me? You are an absolutely great musician and instructor and I hope everything that night goes well for Your Band. I sure wish someday you would tour to Grand Rapids. Thanx for the Invite! Someday, hope to Jam with you!

  5. Janusz Hamerski says:

    I hope you got a good camera there to document it. I would be so happy to visit 😀

  6. Malcolm Fabian says:

    Been enjoying guitar and especially Irish banjo recently since 1958. I wish I could play more but do duet with Griff. with his videos! I’m in the UK so can’t get over there easily.
    Have a good time Griff and keep coming with the techniques it’s what enjoyable playing is all about!
    regards Malcolm

  7. Richard Rose says:

    Just bought two tickets. See you there!

  8. Mike Kent says:

    I wish I could be there but as I am in England UK it is nie impossible but I do enjoy your lessons, I am 70 years old living on a pension so I don,t get around much, so all I have is my guitar (Accustic) I learnt to play a few chords in the Royal Navy as we had a bit of a skiffle group in those days. all I do now is just pick out the bare tunes now but It keeps me happy, thanks for your free lessons they help a lot.

    Thanks again M.R.Kent

  9. JJ MACK says:

    Would love to be there! But I’ve been tied up in Orange Beach, Alabama

  10. Ivor (UK) says:

    I would love to come to this but unfortunately I am in the UK. I follow your lessons.